General weather today:

The southern side of the Alps lies on the edge of a high pressure system under partly unstable air masses.

General weather tomorrow:

A weak high pressure system and unstable air over the Alps.

Il tempo domani:

In the morning some residual clouds, then sunny. In the afternoon, local rain showers are possible from the cumulus clouds.

Temp. min.: 14°
Temp. max.: 27°

Maximum temperatures between 22° and 27°.

Weather tomorrow:

Also on Thursday there will be a mix of sun, cumuliform clouds and local thunderstorms.

Temp. min.: 14°
Temp. max.: 28°

Maximum temperatures from 22° to 28°.

Mountain weather today:

In the morning, residual or slope clouds may limit visibility in places, otherwise conditions will be good with some cumuliform clouds. In the afternoon some showers will develop.

Temperature in 2.000m:
Temperature in 3.000m:
0° limit: 3000 m

Mountain weather tomorrow:

On the mountains, clouds will obstruct visibility in places during the day. In the afternoon and evening, a few showers or thunderstorms may also develop.

Temperature in 2.000m: 10°
Temperature in 3.000m:
0° limit: 3300 m

Weather development

On Friday, the weather situation will not change: quite sunny and warm, but not entirely stable. Saturday widespread sunshine in the morning, in the afternoon the tendency for thunderstorms will increase. Sunday more clouds and rain showers especially in the second half of the day. Temperatures will drop by a few degrees. Monday still changeable with sun, clouds and thundery showers.

Friday 02.06 Saturday 03.06 Sunday 04.06
H 0 Q
14 / 29° 15 / 27° 16 / 26°

Source: Hydrographic office Autonomous province of Bozen and Weather South Tyrol

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