Tasks / Goals / Vision

Viva:Latsch plc
The management company of the sporting facilities in Laces

Viva:Latsch plc coordinates and is in charge of the IceForum, AquaForum and SportForum in Laces. Viva:Latsch's aim is to run, as a private enterprise, the sports- and leisure facilities in close contact with the local administration whose subsidiary it is. The focal point is the social-sporting function, the integration of the local population and clubs, as well as enhancing the possibilities for the tourist and leisure industry. Above all Viva:Latsch is keen to work closely together with the tourist office in organizing the sporting events.

The administrative council of Viva:Latsch plc comprises of the head of administration Dolores Gapp with its members Mattia Lo Presti and Jürgen Pichler.

Viva:Latsch Laces
Via Mercato 48 39021 Laces