Training possibilities

Ideal sporting conditions for every sportsman
SportForum in Laces

The football stadium with its modern 400 meter tartan track is the jewel in the crown of the SportForum Laces. Kicking a ball around is not the only sport performed, a whole range of other disciplines are being practiced here athletics: shot-put, javelin, discus, all running disciplines, steeplechase and hurdles, high jump, long jump and pole vault. The covered stand seats 500 people, whilst the standing area opposite can accommodate another 400 fans.

Trainingcamps at SportForum

If youth teams, competitive sportsman or hobby footballers – the SportForum offers ideal training conditions throughout the year. We would be pleased to organise your respective training needs for your team in Laces. Next to the football ground, the athetic facilities and the gym you will also be able to use other sporting facilities such as AquaForum with its sauna area, the IceForum or the gymnasium.

SportForum Laces
Via Mercato 48 39021 Laces