Healthy sweating
The sauna area at AquaForum

AquaForum offers a very well equipped sauna area, in which you can relax and forget the world. Regular visits to a sauna not only improves your well-being, but relaxes the muscles and boosts the immune system. We offer regular pleasant infusions with natural, essential oils. How to take a sauna will be explained by our sauna personell.


We offer regular sauna infusions with essential oils of high quality. The infusion will be performed by skilled sauna masters.

Our current infusion timetable for the summer season:

every day:
  • 15:15 pm
  • 17:00 pm
  • 18:30 pm

tue + fri additionally:
  • 20:30 pm


An infusion will only take place if there are at least 4 people present.

Sauna area

NEW 2017! The earth sauna

NEW 2017! The earth sauna

Our new outdoor sauna with its 1000 square metres garden, a cooling down in fresh water area, Kneipp area and showers, is now finally ready.
The new booth provides space for 65 - 70 people and in the first few hours (during the week until 5pm, Sundays until 2pm) the temperature will reach 65 degrees Celsius, to allow relaxation and meditation and enables you to remain in the sauna for longer. Thereafter the temperature will be turned up to reach between 85 – 95 degrees Celsius (Finnish Sauna), where infusions will then also take place.

Finnish sauna (Panorama-sauna)

Finnish sauna (Panorama-sauna)Finnish sauna (Panorama-sauna)Finnish sauna (Panorama-sauna)Finnish sauna (Panorama-sauna)Finnish sauna (Panorama-sauna)

The Finnish sauna provides sitting space for 40 people and with its unique panoramic view into the Val Venosta is the centrepiece of the sauna at AquaForum. The temperature reaches up to 95 degrees Celsius, the air is dry which helps to cleanse the whole body. In addition, the cooling-off period after the sauna is ideal for the cardiac and circulatory system. The panorama sauna is a modern construction and often used for sauna show-events.

Sanarium (Bio-sauna)

Sanarium (Bio-sauna)

The Sanarium (also called Bio-sauna) allows you to build up a sweat that is more gentle on the circulatory system. Here the temperature is between 40 and 65 degrees Celsius, however, the humidity can be up to 55% higher than in the Finnish Sauna. A sauna in the sanarium lasts for a about 20 minutes and if used regularly, it is able to regulate the blood pressure.

Infra-red sauna

Infra-red sauna

In the big room of the infra-red cabine from Physiotherm there is space to sit and to lie down, the boards adjust to the body and give a sense of well-being. The infra-red rays heat up the body on the inside and loosens up tense muscles. The soft heat can help with back pains, muscle contractions, diseases of the respiratory systems and acne. Sportsmen and women rely on the power of infra-red and use its radiation to warm up bevor or to relax after the training.



The Caldarium has established itself as it boosts the healing process with colds. Already ancient Romans appreciated the relaxing effects of the steaming warmth, which is excellent for hair, skin and respiratory organs. Temperatures between 40 to 45 degrees Celsius and a humidity of nearly 100% provide ideal conditions to invigorate the body and to alleviate rheumatic pains.

Open-air terrace

Cooling down after a sauna can be done on the open-air terrace. For a gentle cooling down it is advisable to cool the respiratory passages. This is best done on the open-air terrace breathing in the fresh air of the Val Venosta ("Vinschger" air) and to enjoy the astonishing view over the Val Venosta valley and its stumming mountain ranges.

Cold-water pool & Kneipp-pool

Cold-water pool & Kneipp-pool

Those Who dare to dive into the really cold water (between 8 and 12 degrees Celsius) will get a thorough cooling down. Those who get goose bumps already at the thought of it have the option to use the cold water shower instead.
The Kneipp-pool with its interplay of cold and warm is ideal to get the circulation going.

Relaxation rooms

Relaxation roomsRelaxation roomsRelaxation roomsRelaxation rooms

An important part after the cooling down is the relaxation. At AquaForum you can relax on water beds by calm music, on loungers in the panoramic relaxation room or by having a chat in the tea-area.

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