AquaForum Sauna Event Day #3 "The Long Sauna Night 2016"

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January will bring the "Long Sauna Night 2016" which everybody has been waiting for with anticipation...

Keep this day free in your diary! It will be the highlight of the season...

Special guests:
Campione del mondo 2014 & 2015 - Rob Keijzer (Netherland), Jaqueline Keijzer (Netherland), Martijn Vanhoorelbeke (Belgium), Benoit De Bock (Belgium), Mära Zute (Latvia) 

Some highlights upfront:

  • sauna is open until 1am
  • "evening-snack" for our hungry sauna guests
  • "Weißwurst (bavarian white sausage) with beer" at midnight
  • as from 10pm complementary nude swimming for all our sauna guest in a stunning  ambience
  • delicious snacks after an  infusion


  • ore 16:00 "Good vibes" - Benoit De Bock (Belgium)
  • ore 17:00 "Herbal experience" - Martjin Vanhoorelbeke (Belgium)
  • ore 17:15 "Reinigungsbad mit Peeling im Dampfbad" - AquaForum Team
  • ore 18:00 "Kayah" - Jacqueline Keijzer (Netherland)
  • ore 19:00 "Surprise" - Rob Keijzer (Netherland)
  • ore 19:15 "The Latvian tree house" (Dampfbad) - Mara Zute (Latvia)
  • ore 20:00 "Feeling good" - Martjin Vanhoorelbeke (Belgium)
  • ore 20:40 "Snack notturno"
  • ore 21:45 "Benoshaman" - Benoit De Bock (Belgium)
  • ore 22:00 "Herbal treatment" (Dampfbad) - Martjin Vanhoorelbeke (Belgium)
  • ore22:45 "Sons of Anarchy" - Rob Keijzer (Netherland)
  • ore 23:45 "Party Aufguss" - Team (Netherland - Belgium)
The sauna opens at 2pm. The show infusions start at 4pm with infusions on an hourly basis. As well as the show infusions in the panorama sauna you will also be able to enjoy cleansing baths with peeling in our steam room.

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